Dialogical development of organizations

Creating coherent structures and processes in a dialogical way.
Shaping the change with satisfied coworkers.

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Who accompanies your development?

Johannes Walldorf

Open-minded, versatile and empathetic

Extensive professional experience in value- and dialogue-oriented personnel and organizational development. Extensive Leadership experience in marketing and as an interim general manager of a company in Brazil. Certified business mediator (professional training with Friedrich Glasl, Trigon); General Management Program at Malik Management St. Gallen; economics studies at the University of Witten/Herdecke (lectures with Otto Scharmer).

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How do I accompany your development and that of your organization?

Dialogue is the pivotal point of my way of working:

  • In coaching, to make the coachee’s potential visible
  • In facilitation, by holding the space for creative listening and allowing the creativity of the participants to unfold
  • In mediation as a way of transforming conflicts
  • In training, deepening the learning effect

At the centre of the dialogue work is an integrated understanding of people and organizations – with these approaches:

  • Integral Model and Spiral Dynamics
  • Theory U
  • Dialogical leadership and cooperation
  • Non-violent communication

Johannes Walldorf. Consulting

Development support for organizations, teams and people in English, German, Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish

Coaching of

  • Leaders, managers and project leaders
  • Employees in change processes and conflicts

Facilitation of

  • Workshops and meetings
  • Large group conferences
  • Interface discussions
  • Supervision groups

Trainings – on and off the job – among others:

  • Leadership skills
  • Conflict competence and self-efficacy
  • Integral model and spiral dynamics
  • Nonviolent communication


  • Conflicts in teams (multilateral and bilateral)
  • Conflicts between managers and employees

Interested? Then please contact me:


Johannes Walldorf.Consulting

Leibnizstraße 47
70193 Stuttgart

+49 (171) 12 68 542